Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Skin Tone: Tan
Build: Athletic Build
Measurements: 40DD-25-36
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Nationality: Swedish
Native American

Born in Philadelphia, PA I was the black sheep of my family-smile I was definitely the wild one growing up in a northeast phila neighborhood. I had my first boyfriend when I was 13/14. (We both weren't lookers then) my mom use to call him Kermit the frog and he wore that trench coat that Kermit always I was always trying to find ways to be the center of attention, no matter how I had to get it or what I had to do to get noticed. I was always trying to see what I could get away with growing dad always knew though. He used to say "you can't get away with things that your mom and I had already tried to get away with that's how I know what your doing'

I figured the easiest way to be the center of attention was dancing (stripping). Cool I can dance and make money doing it? I liked to dance. I use to watch American bandstand and Steele pier with my aunt pat when we were young and we would dance around the house. Mostly all of the clubs when I started only at best were bikini and if you were lucky topless with pasties (this covered your nipples only) God forbid you were allowed to be nude and do 1/4 of the things that you can now do onstage!! If you were ever caught "flashing" your cooch you were either fired or if they liked you, you were given a fine of up to 50 dollars every time you were caught.

I had made a very good amount of money back then so in order to of course defy everyone, I would just pay my 50 dollars in the beginning of the night for my fine that I knew I was going to get ahead of time for flashing......I know that's bad ladies and I did learn the hard way and become more respectable to other girls with time and of course getting my ass kicked a few times by the dancers............sigh

I definitely needed a new outlet because after a while it just didn't seem like enough and I was getting tired of having no friends due to my sleazy club ethics. so I had seen my first feature entertainer at a club in center city phila called "pin ups" and had the chance of speaking to the late "Joey Carson" and she told me if I had awesome costumes and could dance the way I do, I could become a feature entertainer and make way more money and travel. I could definitely dance, was very personable and had from what I was told by the club owners a "very dramatic stage presence" I tried it out for a few years. Something still seemed to be missing though, I still wasn't popular like I wanted.

someone then suggested that I try porn.........this would have come from inspiration in the biz........a few great ladies named "Leslie glass" / Kimberly kupps and Selena Steele. But I tried to do the LA thing and couldn't quite get I came up with trying my luck overseas and did many things over there for 3 UK tours of clubs/videos/signings whatever. I worked with such companies such as "Aussie Media"/ Dementia Video Team British Dolls to name a few......I had the extreme pleasure of working with such brit stars as "Rebecca lord"/ Dannia /Dzanka/ sally stryper / daisy doll. I had pulled off a lot of pro/am stuff totaling with compilations almost 100 adult videos.......not too shabby I had done some adult BBC talk shows and their version of playboy type network videos. I had also made about 7 adult European magazine covers. This to me was what I wanted but still I lived in the US and needed to try to make a name here.

It was so easy to get very popular there as European men love American women........ Then I was contacted by "Dave Cummings" /one of the nicest and sweetest guys I had ever met in the biz. he Wanted me to do one of his series and offered me box cover space......this was a chance in the American circuit and box cover to boot............ That's when "kneepad Nymphos 4" became my first American release. I at least had gotten a break. following that came wildlife prod "screw my wife please 28" "kneepad Nymphos 7" I had also worked with sean Michaels and been in a few wildlife compilation directors cut releases...........I found myself trying to be at every convention and release party I could which finally landed me on playboy TV's Sexcetera and hustlers busty beauties December 2001 issue. I have been on various websites and a few xxx mags here in the US. I will be shooting again for hustler in the next few months.......

so after doing my thing with the porn I was off the road for about 3 years or so.....and am know back and ready to continue my feature career with one last tour of the us. This will be my "American Badass Tour". This will be my last tour as a feature as i am starting my own production company and pairing with another big company as their consultant for their xxx releases. HOPE ALL MY FANS WILL KEEP TUNING IN TO SEE WHERE I AM AND WHAT IM UP TO.............................

All my fans/my family and friends who stand by me always.
My kitten "lady"
fast cars and fast women..smirk
harley"s (theres none better) all the men who ride them
i give alot of credit to the harley riders for being able to deal with the people who shouldnt have drivers licenses on the
giving my time to the "free speech and bill margold"

Movies/would have to be Kevin smith movies esp "jay and silent bob strike back"
Jason Mewes is a cutie!! I would love to be in a Kevin smith release one day....I would have rocked in a black vinyl cat suit....though Shannon does kick ass in it!!

I guess I consider myself very bi-sexual
I love men absolutely but I love my women too......especially blondes and redheads....
I like the uniqueness of their fiery personality.

Long hair on men (dark)
Sense of humor
Being spontaneous
Definitely being an exhibitionist
Sucking on things (use your imagination)

Useless people
Show-offs that have no reason to.......

I see myself on tour for the next year and making it the best ever. I would like to do a handful more box cover releases. Getting my own new series on the shelves for all my fans. Retiring from in front of the camera and doing more behind the camera/production Stuff to show of my creativity. I hope to make ClubSummerHaze LLC popular enough to be nominated at AVN for best amateur series (ongoing). I want everyone to remember who I am, so I will still do appearances and signings and magazines. I will never give up seeing my fans at the expos and conventions because they are the ones who have made me who I am........

And to all the people who have stood by me in all I've done through my hard times and good I thank you and give you all my love (you know who you all are) I thank you from my heart my dad who had he not used his ways of teaching me things Growing up I would not be the person I am today................

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